Transforming Travel in Karachi

Karachi traffic and BRT

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One of the ten largest cities in the world, Karachi is Pakistan’s main seaport, and its financial and economic hub.

But, largely due to congestion, difficult and often dangerous commuting, and air and noise pollution, Karachi is ranked by the Economic Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Global Livability Report as one of the most unlivable cities in the world.

Insufficient public transport, which cannot cater for the needs of the traveling public, is a key contributor. It does not constitute the well-planned, integrated mass transport system Karachi needs if it’s to become a world class city, attracting inward investment, reducing poverty and improving livability.

To create such a transport infrastructure, the city developed the Transport Master Plan 2030, which incorporates:
- The revival of the Karachi circular Railway
- Two Mass Rapid Transit, or MRT, Lines, the Brown and the Blue Lines
- And six BRT, or Bus Rapid Transit Lines (Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Aqua and Purple)

The revived 43.1km of the Karachi Circular Railway will have an expected ridership of 589,000 people per day by 2030.

The MRT is a rail-based mass transit corridor.

The MRT Brown Line runs between Nagan Chorangi and Korangi. 18.5km in length, it will have 16 stations and an expected daily ridership of 736,000 people.

The 22.4 km of the MRT Blue Line will go from Al Asif to Gurumandir.

The BRT is a high-quality bus-based mass transit system able to move large numbers of people (one BRT line can move up to 10,000 passengers in one direction every hour) from their starting point to their destination, reliably, efficiently, comfortably and affordably.

The six BRT lines in the Transport Master Plan 2030 will provide a network of interconnected BRT lines across Karachi.


The 3.9Km BRT Orange Line runs between Orangi Town and Board Office, integrating with the BRT Green Line at Board Office Chorangi.

The 22.1 km BRT Green Line will connect the northern part of the city with the centre, via Surjani Town, Nagan Chowrangi and up to Jamia Cloth Market.

The 26.6km BRT Red Line will run from Model Colony to Numaish.

The 20.4km BRT Yellow Line runs from Dawood Chorangi to Saddar and Numaish Chorangi.

The 9.7km Purple Line runs from Baldia to Shershah.

The 11.8km Aqua Line runs from Hawks Bay to Gulbai.

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