Sindh Mass Transit Authority

“Our vision is to move people – not just vehicles – by providing a mass transit system for Karachi, and ultimately the province of Sindh, that is efficient, sustainable both economically and environmentally, and allows all those who need, or want to travel, to do so affordably, safely and with dignity.”

The Sindh Mass Transit Authority (SMTA) was established by the SMTA Act 2016.

Under the administrative control of the Government of Sindh’s (GoS) Transport and Mass Transit Department (TMTD). It has a province-wide remit and is responsible for the management and delivery of the Transport Master Plan 2030, developed by the Government of Sindh, with the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The Transport Master Plan 2030 incorporates:
  • The revival of the Karachi Circular Railway
  • The Mass Rapid Transit, or MRT, Brown Line
  • The Blue Line, which is a BRT or Bus Rapid Transit Line, is being developed to evolve into an MRT as ridership peaks
  • And Karachi Breeze, which comprises the six BRT Lines (Green, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Purple and Orange)

Mass Transit in Karachi


Karachi Breeze

Karachi Breeze is a high-quality bus-based mass transit system able to move large numbers of people from their starting point to their destination, reliably, efficiently and affordably.

Offering relief from traffic as the cool evening sea breeze offers relief from the heat, Karachi Breeze will enable commuters to ‘breeze’ past congestion and complete their daily journeys in comfort.
  • Orange Line: The 3.85 km of the Orange Line (Abdul Sattar Edhi Line) runs from Board Office Interchange to TMA Orangi Town.
  • Green Line: The 22.2 km the Green Line starts from Surjani Town and Finishes at Jamia Cloth Market.
  • Red Line: The 29.5 km of the Red Line runs from Model Colony to Numaish.
  • Yellow Line: The 26 km Yellow Line starts from Dawood Chorangi and finishes at Numaish.
  • Aqua Line: The 11.8 km Aqua Line runs from Hawks Bay to Gulbai.
  • Purple Line: The 9.7 km BRT Purple Line runs from Baldia to Shershah.
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Karachi Circular Railway

The 43.13 km Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) uses the existing KCR loop corridor, intersecting with many urban trunk roads such as Shahrah-e-Faisal, Rashid Minhas Road, University Road, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, and connects with the urban transport systems of BRT and LRT.

The MRT Brown and Blue Lines

  • MRT Brown Line: The 18.5 KM runs from Nagan Chorangi and finishes at Singer Chorangi.
  • MRT Blue Line: The 9.6 km of the MRT Blue Line will go from Al Asif to Gurumandir through Shahra-e-Pakistan.
BRT Corridors and Direct Services

Reports, Tenders and Bids


Yellow Line BRT


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